Cashmere is synonymous with luxury and classic style, turning the simplicity of basics into an effortlessly chic look. Major department stores and boutiques carry famous Italian cashmere knits defining the hottest looks of the fall and winter season. While Luigi Baldo garments are always at the forefront of fashion, they never follow market trends of unattainable markups. Instead the brand focuses on providing accessible high fashion style to everyone. Luigi Baldo is a lifestyle, share in our heritage by experiencing the luxury of cashmere and the fine tailoring of Italy. We design for everyone - each garment is cut to enhance your appearance. Embrace our simple yet sophisticated Italian style at a competitive American price.


Mr. Luigi Baldo has spent a lifetime following in the footsteps of his forbearers, mastering Italy’s heritage of fine tailoring and cashmere construction. His family’s passion for design became internalized as a new language; through fashion he could express himself. Before launching the Luigi Baldo brand in 2009, the creative director designed for Pal Zilera for 25 years, and has since invited men and women from across the globe to experience Italian culture and tradition, sophisticated style and uncompromising quality through his designs. “I want to create something that instill curiosity and admiration to the people, and I want to give a clear idea of elegance and good taste” –Luigi Baldo.


Located in the picturesque Italian countryside, the village of Montagnana plays host to a community of artisans who produce Luigi Baldo’s fashions. Centuries of experience have led to a coveted birthright: the mastery and unique appreciation of cashmere craftsmanship, which has been passed down for generations. Our collections present an exclusive invitation to experience the sophisticated artistry that is distinctly Luigi Baldo. The philosophy is simple, everyone should experience true Italian cashmere - you only have to wear it to understand that it is one of the best fabrics in the world.

Modern Craftsmanship

Every Luigi Baldo garment is crafted from the finest cashmere wool; imported from Inner Mongolia. The wool undergoes two lab tests to ensure quality by measuring the diameter of its fibers in microns. The standard for cashmere is 19 microns, but Luigi Baldo never accepts any fibers larger than 15.5 microns - finer fibers allow for a softer, more luxurious texture. Once the lab approves the fibers’ micron measurement they are sorted by length. Only the long fibers are used – the longer fiber increase the garment’s durability. Processing of the cashmere continues as it’s spun and died, revealing a beautiful 100% Italian made textile. Every detail is given the utmost attention from the moment the wool is received, until the finished garment arrives in it’s signature Luigi Baldo garment bag at your front door.